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Servicing Southern California with over 25 years experience
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No further seminars

during COVID

Latest IPM News:

IPM buys 150 tickets for its clients to Thermal Kleen Seminar :


"In an effort to better educate our clients we decided to buy them the tickets to help solve this problem."

~ George Enriquez, VP Sales~

IPM is now 100% paperless!


"We are now committing our team to helping companies transition as well"

~ Denise Sanchez, Manager~

IPM now offering Thermal Kleen Service to Customers!


"We are very excited! Thermal Kleen is the premier bed bug remidation company in the market. We look foward to sharing their services with our customers."

~ George Enriquez, VP Sales~

Bed Bug News:

Thermal Kleen Seminar Sales Out in 2 days!


"I wasn't shocked. Bed bugs are a huge issue and there is little education, this is a great event and we are going to keep doing them."

~ Yesenia Zepeda, VP Sales~

Thermal Kleen Donates K-9 service to clear rooms!


"The company could not afford to get the K-9 inspection so Thermal Kleen and IPM shared the cost"

~ Press Release~


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Free Termite Estimate

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Service built for you.





  • Ants

  • Fleas

  • Termites

  • Roaches

  • Spiders

  • Carpet beetles

  • Silverfish

  • Pantry pests

  • Bees

  • Rats

  • Mice

  • Skunks

  • Gophers

  • Birds


  • …and more!

With our proven techniques, training and approach to integrated pest management, we are able to deal with:

As stewards of the environment, we offer everyone a 100% paperless solution.

Immediate Help is on the Way!

Pest can be a concern and safety to everyone's well being as well as your property. We can address any concerns you are having TODAY! We pride ourselves on great customer service which starts with your first phone call.

Termite Services

Termite Services

Think you might have termites?

No problem, we can solve all your termite issues. First, we have to determine if, in fact, you have termites and which kind. So, we need to schedule an inspection. Also, we provide insurance for all our termite services to prevent another costly flare up.

Termte Protection
  • Termite inspections

  • Wood repair

  • Fumigations

  • Escrow reports

  • Spot treatments

  • Annual control services

  • Termite Insurance

Termite Control - Free Estimate

Bed Bug Services

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Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs are nasty little bugs. If not dealt with they can populate well into the hundreds if not thousands quickly. In addition to chemical treatments, we offer Thermal Kleen to our customers. its a method for heating your environment to a temperature that will kill bed bugs immediately. 

Bed Bug - Removal Estmate

Bed Bug K-9 Team:

We have K-9's that can smell the bed bugs and find them quickly and more accurately than humans. These specially trained dogs are good for returning home from trips to avoid infesting your home as well.  

K9 Bed Bug Inspection

~Roxy - K9 Technician ~

Bed Bug Lifecycle

Live Animal Trapping

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IPM Tech Pest Management Inc. - offers a unique and humane trapping program for a wide variety of nuisance wildlife including raccoons, skunks, opossums, coyotes and feral cats. We will provide the necessary expertise and experience to manage the situation on hand. Our wildlife management programs can be tailored to fit almost any site. We provide nuisance wildlife control and removal services to individual homeowners, businesses, and large-scale situations that most other pest control companies cannot or will not handle. Some of our experience includes homeowners associations, landscape companies, shopping centers, cemeteries, golf courses, school districts, parks, and various other local, state and federal municipalities.


All of our wildlife and pest control experts are state licensed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and are extensively trained in trapping and wildlife removal. We use the most humane and environmentally conscious methods possible. Call us today for your free estimate.

​​​Our wildlife and animal removal services include:

  • Nuisance Wildlife Trapping

  • Dead Animal Removal

  • Raccoon Control

  • Raccoon Removal

  • Skunk Control

  • Skunk Removal

  • Squirrel Removal

  • Opossum Control & Removal

  • Coyote Control & Removal

  • Feral Cat Control & Removal

  • Animal Removal

  • Wildlife Removal

Animal Trapping
Animal Trapping
Skunk Removal
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